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Amble On – Driving through Rural Australia

At times when one is traveling on a bus from town to town, it is very easy to get bored, especially when you are travelling through barren country side wear all you see is the odd tree, open fields, sheep and birds of prey, so what else is there to do but to bring out the camera and create some “candid” landscape shots that tell a story of the farming land of Australia.

In travelling I did not take any special gear, just my Canon EOS-20D and my Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 (58mm) lens, I do not in anyway think you have to have a top end lens to get a great photo, its all the matter of using your gear correctly. So most of you would think being on a bus that there would be blur, shake, and out of focus shots, well with that in mind I put my ISO on 800 and my Aperture on F/5.6 with the glare from the sun my shutter speeds were around 1/1250 so there for any margin for shake was very small.

Canon EOS-20D, with 18-55mm, 18mm @ F/22, 1/13s

Canon EOS-20D, with 18-55mm, 18mm @ F/22, 1/13s

Being that I was travelling on a bus I had to be on the ball when seeing a photo, as a moment to late or early and the shot was ruined, sometimes I took the shot and due to the movement of the bus, something additional was added to the photo which created something quite unique such as the following photo;

Canon EOS-20D with 18-55mm, 50mm @ F/5.6, 1/1250s

Canon EOS-20D with 18-55mm, 50mm @ F/5.6, 1/1250s

With this I had playing Ice House – Great Southern Land, which only added to my photographic experience and inspired to me try and capture parts of the lands I was travelling through, being this was farming land that is what I concentrated on the most. Some of the towns that I traveled through were: BridgeWater, Inglewood, Wedderburn, Charlton, Boort, Quambatook, not long after I arrived in Swan Hill, spending some time to explore the town, on the way back from Swan Hill to Bendigo I did the same however the windows were less forgiving then the bus.

More images can be seen on the gallery: Amble On

Until the next photographic adventure, thats all for now – Brett Robson: Freelance Photographer

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