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Celebrity Photo’s – Right Place, Right Time

Sometimes in my line of work I am presented with opportunities to photograph celebrities, now before I go on with this I like to clear up that I am not a “paparazzi” photographer, I dont drive around in cars chasing celebrities and endangering there lives for a photo that will grace the cover of tabloid mediums. Most of my photos are taken at events where celebrities are in attendence and are well aware they will be photographed. Unfortunatly these photos hardly sell to the market, but there a great asset to a photographers portfolio.

Canon EOS350D with 75-300, 149mm, F/4.5 @ 1/100 sec

Canon EOS-350D with 75-300mm, 149mm, F/4.5 @ 1/100 sec

Some of the well known persons that I have photographed have been: Daniel Radcliffe, Sam Neil, Heath Ledger, Cate Blanchett, Jack Thompson, Daniel McPherson, Darryn Lyons, Eva Mendes, Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale, Kevin Rudd, Princess Mary of Denmark and many many more.

Canon 350D with 75-300mm, 238mm @ F/5.6, 1/50sec

Some photos I notice in the media have been taken by a person who was at the right place at the right time and had a camera, such as when Tom Cruise was recently in Melbourne with Katie Holmes, the images of Tom Cruise and his daughter when visiting locations in Melbourne within there first few days were taken by a bystander.

These days I attend events such as the David Jones Fashion launch, TV Week Logie Awards, Brownlow Medals, L’oreal Fashion week, these events are well known to have celebrities in attendence. For further images check out our Celebrity Gallery

Untill the next photographic adventure, thats all for now

Brett Robson – Freelance Photographer

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