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Child Photography – “Waiting for the Moment”

Photographing children can be a real test of a photographer, you need patience, persistance and loads of passion oh and humour.

I’ve had a few photoshoots myself with children from a wide age range and find there are many perils n pitfalls. Sometimes its the interest lovel of the child, or they feel shy and or scared as there in a unusual environment. This ma cause the photoshoot to be a unconfortable experience for photographer and child alike. However you will find that its best to try and relate to there level, most of all its good to have something to keep there attention and or feel confortable with.  Depending on the age and if there male/female then a doll or a teddy bear is a good prop or for the more older child something less tangable but has a level of enjoyment such as icecream or an easter egg can create an interesting situation.

Canon EOS20D with 18-55mm, 55mm @ F/10, 1/125s

Lighting and backgrounds should be set before there arrival when in a studio, children have no interest in the mundain stuff us photographers need to do, there in it for the fun moments, and those “candid” photos in which you want to capture. Being outside the studio adds a whole new element to your photography, but this can still create spontaneous results except you now have an endless supply of items that a child can interact with such as tree’s or play equipment in a park.

Canon 350D with 75-300mm, 118mm @ F/4.0, 1/60s

Do not feel afraid to try something new within the realm of photographing children however do take there safety with upmost priority, engage there interest and enjoy the time with them and you and the child will walk away with a memorable experience.

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