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David Jones Half Yearly Clearance Sale

Well some days for a photographer can start very early, and on this day in question my time to be at the location was 6:30am so there for my day started at 5am, most self respecting persons are still asleep at this time of day, except if your a baker, little did I know when the PR department contacted me who handle David Jones events would later reveal the media call.

With a hot coffee in hand I wandered down Burke Street in the Melbourne CBD, like what I see at times on Film Sets there was a commotion of people, vehicles and some general public (wanting an early bargain) After making my presence known with the Public Relations persons on site, I took up a good spot on the Media Riser and entertained myself until Megan Gale arrived.

Canon EOS-20D with 50mm @ F.1.8, 1/400s

Canon EOS-20D with 50mm, 50mm @ F.1.8, 1/400s

Canon EOS-20d with 50mm @ 50mm, F/1.8, 1/80s

Canon EOS-20d with 50mm, 50mm @ F/1.8, 1/80s

The key shot for the day was the “ringing” of the bell which I obtained a  nice candid shot of Megan full of laughs as the resounding bell was heard, almost deafening Megan in the process. Shortly after we were lead into the store before customers were allowed in so that we could get crowd shots and some more promotion photos with Megan Gale, I have to admit that I don’t think I look that good posing for a bargain, but then I gather thats why stores have flagship models to represent there companies.  See more in our David Jones Half Yearly Clearance Sale Gallery

Stay tuned for our next photographic adventure – Brett Robson: Freelance Photographer


  • PDB July 29, 2009

    Did you know that Alannah Hill uses fur in her designs? I just found out that her collections use real fur that most likely comes from China – where there are no animal rights regulations. Animals that come from fur farms live in horrifying, cramped and filthy conditions only to end their lives by being skinned alive! There’s a petition here to ask Hill to stop killing animals in the name of fashion. Visit the link to find out more.

    • brettrobsonphotography July 30, 2009

      Hi PDB, at the time of writing this article I was not aware that Alannah Hill was in any way using fur in her design. Being a lover of animals I despise any form of cruelty against them. I would be highly interested in signing the petition, please forward further details.

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