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Duck Duck Goose Restaurant Launch

Melbourne was given a glimpse of a new restaurant ‘Duck Duck Goose‘ owned by Edward NG,  opened up in QV last night which had its grand opening. Some of Melbourne’s Food Connoisseur and celebrities which included; Elizabeth Chong, Klara Lisy, Lewis Romano, Scott Mc Gregor, Chealsea Butler and Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow to name a few who attended to experience the ambience and food of the new venue.

Canon EOS-30D with 50mm, 50mm @ F/4.0, 1/160sec

Duck Duck Goose is a veritable ‘food temple’ seating 200 people, some 1200 SQM. The restaurants philosophy is embedded in the timeless principles of ‘Yin and Yang’ which are evident throughout the entire restaurant, both in the ambiance and on the plate.

Canon EOS-30D with 50mm, 50mm @ F/4.0, 1/320sec

Duck Duck Goose brings together a ‘dream team’ of chefs with Chef Haru (Blanc Haru) as Consulting Chef, Chef de Partie (French), Yoshitaka Kojima and Dim Sim Chef (Chinese), Takaaki Harada

Further images can be seen in your Duck Duck Goose Restaurant Launch Gallery

Until the next photographic adventure, thats all for now

Brett Robson – Freelance Media Photographer

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