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L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Week 2009

With only few months of rest from the David Jones Fashion Launch the fashion doors opened with a plastering of colours, celebrities and champagne for a weeks run of various fashion shows at this years L’oreal Melbourne Fashion week which showcases fashion from various designers.

Up on the catwalk were some of the latest creations for the general public to get there first hand look at what will be in stores in the non to distant future. This year there were some splashes of colour so it it seems that our new black has changed  who knows I think from some of the photos it could be “pink” for this season.

Canon EOS-20D with 70-200mm, 70mm @ F/4.0, 1/320s

Canon EOS-20D with 70-200mm, 117mm @ F/2.8, 1/640sec

Canon EOS-20D with 70-200mm, 117mm @ F/2.8, 1/640s

I have a Fashion Medium who are interested in publishing some of my images from the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Week, I will keep you informed over the coming weeks so that you can look out for it.  You can see other images in our L’oreal Fashion Week 2009 Highlights Gallery. Oh by the way take a good close look at the images as you may notice “Nick Caves” son on the catwalk.

However on a side not I had a brush with some high ranking celebrities over the week, Doetzen Kroes who is a Victoria Secret Fashion Model and Miss J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model.  It was a privileged to have been able to meet such people, and not only that but to have my photo taken with them, the dream shot is one with Miranda Kerr which is a work in progress, though for now I am happy to have images of her in my portfolio.

Until the next photographic adventure, thats all for now

Brett Robson – Freelance Media – Fashion – Model Photographer

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  • nickabocka March 26, 2010

    great photo. too many ruffles.

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