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L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010

Once again it became that time of year when Central Pier plays host to “L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival” over the course of a week the public at large gets a peak into the world of Fashion, Designers, and there latest creations.

Canon EOS-30D with 70-200mm, 83mm @ F/4.0, 1/320sec

Over the course of a weeks attendance from the 14th to the 21st of March we also caught up with such designers as Alanah Hill, Karl Bartl – Jack London, Richard Wiggan – Chocolate City and Richard Nylon and also a brief encounter with Luke Sales – Romance is Born.  This year we also attempted to show fashion from different aspects,  sometimes it can get a little mundane shooting the “standard” runway shot so we created something with a little “tilt-shift”

Canon EOS-30D with 18-55mm, 18mm @ F/5.6, 1/1250sec

The week was very long, we attended all the main shows,  sidewalk catwalk shows and various forums and instore catwalks and the Myers Fashion launch. We wish to commend Karen Webster on a outstanding fashion week. And then to added to whole affair, where would the fashion be with out some celebrities in attendance, one of them being Whitney Port – who is an American television personality, clothing designer, model and occasional actress.

Canon EOS-30D with 70-200mm, 70mm @ F/5.6, 1/500sec

The week was full of adventures such as profiling Tony Glenville for a image to be used in Grazia Magazine, we will update you on this very soon.  During Fashion week images were published on;

Sassi Sam – Jennifer Hawkins – Myers Launch / Sidewalk Runway 4 – Unzipped

Onya Magazine – Myers Fashion Launch / LMFF Runway 2 / LMFF Runway 4

Fashionising – Christian Blanchard – “Live Fashion Shoot”

Furthermore we wish to make mention of Andrew Coles, who attended his first fashion parade being the Independent Designers and from what I can see he throughly enjoyed himself as did Alysha Holder who attended and recieved VIP seating next to some influential fashion writers.

Further images can be seen in our  L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010 Gallery

Until the next photographic adventure

Thats all for now – Brett Robson: Freelance Media Photographer

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