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Prince Williams visit to Melbourne

Even with everything going on within Melbourne at the moment, one would think could you get anything more happening, Tennis, Poker, Model Search’s etc and then what do we get ….a Royal dropping in for a quick visit.  People in there droves descended on the entrance road to Government House to catch a glimpse of the Prince William, being that its rare for royalty to make it to our shores.  Prince William greeted many of the onlookers, including myself and was given the opportunity to shake his hand …funny enough the hand I use to take photos …so now I can say I shoot with a little bit of royalty.

However ….we will let the photos speak for themselves

Canon EOS-30D with 70-200mm, 200mm @ F/5.6, 1/1250sec

Canon EOS-30D with 70-200mm, 70mm @ F/5.6, 1/2000sec

Further images can be located in our Prince William – Melbourne Visit Gallery

Until the next photographic adventure, Thats all for now … Brett Robson – Freelance Media Photographer

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