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The Warwick Foundation – Sex and the City 2 Screening

Once again the team at “The Warwick Foundation” put together an event to raise awareness in relation to cancer, the proceeds from the night went towards aiding young adults effected by cancer. After the prizes had been awarded by Natalie Hunter for the best dressed and raffle winners it was time to relax, sip some champagne and watch Sex in the City 2.

Canon EOS-30D with 50mm, 50mm @ F/1.8, 1/30sec

Glitz, glam and the latest fashions adorned the screen an whispers escaped the women in the theate “Oh I lurve those shoes”, “Wow that dress is stunning”, but even with the most fashionable women on the big screen there was still room for some hilarous one liners that filled the theatre with laughter.

Canon EOS-30D with 50mm, 50mm @ F/4.0, 1/200sec

But one things for sure there was still time left over for some steamy love scenes and some tear gerking romantic words of wisdom from Sarah Jessica Parker and Big, and he finally puts some closure to a situation that he should have handled many moons ago, watch the movie to find out …….

Well done to Sam, Jade and all the rest of the team for organizing a great night, photos from the event can be found in our “Sex and the City 2 Screening” gallery

Until the next photographic adventure, That’s all for now

Brett Robson – Freelance Media Photographer

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