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Sports Photography – Trails and Tribulations

Well ..

Today was my first time out on the field shooting “Sport” with my trusty Canon 350D, due to good lighting for most of the game I had initially chosen my Sigma 70-200mm however this was changed to the Sigma 70-300mm on advice from a good friend of mine who shoots for a few media outlets, he came along today to give me some advise and pointers on how to shoot.

I found it very hard to keep track of the ball, its one thing to watch the game with both eyes, however when you close one eye and look through the viewfinder, it makes it even harder. Anticipating what a player may do is one thing, trying to follow the ball when its kicked about can become very very confusing activity to say the least.

However on my first day out I believe I did quite well, I also got some good feedback from the editor of “Goal Weekly” – who I am now shooting for and will be covering a game officially for them next weekend

This photo is from Round 20 of the Womens’ Premier League: Preston Lions vs Box Hill Inter, the match was quite action packed however Preston were the triumphant team at the end of the day.

Canon EOS-350D with Sigma 70-300mm @ 149mm, F/5.6, 1/500s

About an hour into the match it started to hail so play was stopped, in the process I had to do a 100m dash from the field with all my kit including my laptop, this also included a very treacherous slide in the mud before reaching the safety of some shelter. The hail and heavy rain lasted for about 4/5mins of which almost ended the game however it soon stop and then the game resumed. I in away felt sorry for the players, during the hail storm the temperate dropped considerably and I was feeling it very much even with 3 layers of clothing on, so I can only imagine how they felt, though I gather it would not have been to bad if you were running about.

By this time the light had deteriorated and even with the Sigma APO 70-200mm, I was getting very low shutter speeds, so in the end I packed up and took the journey back to the cbd having in mind that I needed to do some basic post-production on my images and then send them off to the newspaper editor.

During the game I was approached by Pece Siljanovski from Preston Lions – and he requested to email some photos from the match to him, I sent those off today and I await to hear back from him as to when they have been added to the site.

Update: This morning, 11th August 2008 I received an email from Pece at Preston Lions, the photos I took yesterday have been added to a article on the game between Preston Lions and Box Hill Inter so less then one game and already my photos have been published.

Preston Lions vs Box Hill Inter

Published photos from Round 20 of the Womens’ Premier League: Preston Lions vs Box Hill Inter

I shall let you know of new new ventures when I cover a game next weekend.

Brett Robson – Freelance Media Photographer

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