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“The Secret” its transformation of my Photography and meeting a Mentor

As you may be aware most of postings on my site are directly related to events and my photography, but I wanted to write and share something that has happened of late, in which still relates to my work and has continued to inspire me.

About a year or so I had just finished watching and studying “What the Bleep do We Know” which deals with Quantum Physics, and its relation to Life, The Universe and the overall question “Why are we here?” and many more. Just after this I remember seeing a book in store windows, plain covered and had a red seal on the front, it caught my attention almost immediately and I wanted to know what it was about …little did I know what the book would contain and what impacts it would have on my life. In the end I purchased the book and found it that it was called “The Secret“.

When I first had the book, I found that I could not read it at the time, every time I did, it became to hard, or I couldn’tconcentrate, being a more “visual” person I found life was a lot easier when I located the book as a DvD, I found myself watching it almost daily, some of the concepts were so simple, I wondered “why” I had not been doing them before, but then again I had not been introduced to “The Secret” back then. After watching it I used “The Secret” to transform my life, and after focusing on what I wanted in my life, things began to change. Since then I am now more involved with my photography, I have attended events, met famous people,  and through this my portfolio is forever expanding.

So “What is the Secret” you ask …. well not to spoil it for you but in essence “What you think about …you bring about” do that with passion and it will happen even faster. I am still working with “The Secret” myself and forever changing my life.

I would also at times locate some of the teachers of “The Secret” on facebook with the hopes of being able to meet with them, share in there insites as I had become to know them so well since watching them on the DvD. I came across David Schirmer, who is based in Australia, after a few messages to and fro I found out that he was a fan of my photography, I was instantly surprised and taken that someone involved with “The Secret” loved my work, I remember feeling a buzz and it took me a few days to get my feet back on to firm ground. We had mentioned on a few occasions that we would love to meet up even if it was over coffee for a chat however our initial attempts were not so successful however as they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Soon after Lorna, Davids wife became involved with our meeting plans and after a few messages and suggested dates, we finally settled on the 22nd August 2009.

Back stepping slightly I do remember that the copy of “The Secret” that I had in a book form was given to my flatmate who sent it to a person she thought who should read it, at the time it was ment to be replaced however I was not overly concerned as I had “The Secret” on DvD, though I have given that one away and purchased it many times since then, I seem to find the moment that I purchase the Dvd, “The Secret” someone that I know or meet comes along who needs it more then I do.

So Saterday came, and both myself and my girlfriend Fiona came along to dinner at the Red Emperor Chinese Restaurant, David and Lorna arrived just after us, we were so early that the restaurant advised we needed to come back in about 10 minutes, time passed and we returned and we sat down, no sooner had we ordered a book was placed near to me, it was a copy of “The Secret”, (Remembering that I had given mine away) however I will be keeping this copy and cherishing it for a very long time, it was signed “To Brett ….Dream BIG …and live your Dream ..God Bless ..David Schirmer” I was so happy and grateful to receive another copy.

We spoke of many different things however alot related to “The Secret” I could almost at times preemt what David was about to say specially to my girlfriend Fiona as I had heard it when I had watched the DvD, however I listened with an open mind and did my best not to interrupt. Part way through our time at the restuarant we were moved to a window seat which included a lovely view of the Yarra River. After we finished and left the retuarant we accompanied David and Lorner and took a look about The Langham Hotel, Melbourne. If you have not been there I kindly suggest a walk into there foyer, it is spectacular and cannot be described in words,  we took some photos, which included myself with David and then bid farewell to each other, with plans to have dinner in the not to distant future.

I am happy and greatful to have met David Schirmer as he has given me alot to think about and also actions that I can take, since that day I have read a third of “The Secret” book he gave me and will most probably have it finished over the next few days. I look forward to opportunities to meet other teachers such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Neale Walsch to name a few and I cannot miss out Rhonda Byrne who put the book and the Dvd together with just a vision and faith in that vision.


For further  infornation you can visit David Schirmer website, and can also be found on twitter via @davidschirmer

Until our next photographic adventure, thats all for now Brett Robson “Highly Paid” Freelance Photographer

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  • Michael Berry March 10, 2010

    Wonderful article. I believe The Secret has changed more lives than any other to date.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Michael Berry

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