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The Warwick Foundations Guinness World Record Break 2010 for the Most People Running in High Heeled Shoes!

There are many different charities and fundraisers that we hear of almost at times on a daily basis, but how about 100’s of people, men and women running for charity in “high heels” …its gotta be a new fad for sure.

Canon EOS-30D with 70-20mm, 79mm @ F/4.0, 1/320sec

Well Jade McKenzie of The Warwick Foundation organised a fundraiser with a difference and its purpose was to raise money for young adults with cancer. Warwick Foundation founder and director Samantha Lehmann said runners had symbolically put themselves “in the shoes” of the thousands of young adults diagnosed with cancer in Australia every year.

Canon EOS-30D with 50mm, 50mm @ F/4.0, 1/640sec

We had some big names attending the event which included Western Bulldogs captain Brad Johnson and former Richmond star Matthew Richardson also in attendance was Warwick Foundation ambassadors and TV personalities Tom Gleeson, Scott McGregor, Rhys Uhlich, Natalie Hunter and Margot Robbie.

Further images can be seen in our Most People Running in High Heeled Shoes Gallery.

Until the next photographic adventure – Thats all for now …

Brett Robson – Freelance Media Photographer

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