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U2 360° Tour 2010 – Melbourne, Australia

“Its a Beautiful Daaaaayyy” were the words heard by hundreds on a very overcast and dreary night in December, but it was not in anyway enough to deter 60,000 fans on seeing there much loved rock group. Playing songs from the past and songs from there new album, U2 gave the crowds exactly what they had come for.

Canon EOS-30D with 70-200, 200mm @ F/4.0, 125sec

Fans were also treated to a 360 degree view of the stage, which also included a huge screen which was fed by cameras on each of the stage legs, which is a engineering feet in its own, and we give thanks to all the technicians who works long hours to construct it, only to have to disassemble it on Friday.

Canon EOS-30D with 70-200mm, 70mm @ F.4.0, 1/250 sec

Three songs later, all photographers were taken away from the event, this is pretty standard practice in the music industry and especially big events , some can be for one or two songs. We wish to thank all parties involved who allowed us such an awesome opportunity.

Further images can be located in our U2 360° Tour” Gallery

Until the next photographic adventure, Thats all for now

Brett Robson – Global Photographics

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