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When “Personality” can be a “Plus”

Not so long ago Sally Arnott recommended me to a Filmmaker of a film to work as a “stills photographer” on set. Initially then this was discussed I had no indication what this would require from a photographer as such so there for I scoured the web for information on the role and requirements.

Information from various websites, including Wikipedia stated that most stills photographers use a “sound belly” which encases the camera and therefore  illuminates all sounds during operation, this means you can shoot while the Film Crew/Director are filming. I coerced with Clem Maloney and also the main Cinematographer: Nicholas Sherman to confirm locations to shoot from and aspect ratios. Most of my images were taken during rehearsals so the sound belly was not required.

I worked on various locations of the production, some included well known actors such as Michael Carmen who co-stars along sideClem Maloney in a boxing scene.  Other actors include Peter Hosking, Randall Burger, Sally Arnott, Clement Tang, Brett Robson to name a few, further information can be found on IMDB: Personality Plus

Clem Maloney, Sally Arnott - Personality Plus

Clem Maloney, Sally Arnott - Personality Plus

I even had some camera time myself, this happened after meeting with Clem Maloney for production stills, and after showing him my IMDB profile he noticed that I had worked on other productions more as an extra then crew, and with a featured role in “The Pacific” with Jon Seda, my role on Personality Plus changed to that of crew/actor and I was given the role of “Nicholi” a Russian Thug, and I was used when we filmed a scene in the National Gallery of Victoria.

Martin Copping - Personality Plus

Martin Copping - Personality Plus

I also worked on the production on a third location this mainly had me working again as the Stills photographer, after a good days filming we wrapped waited  in anticipation the arrival of the much anticipated teaser trailer for the film.  If you watch carefully you can pick me out, the teaser can be viewed on Sure Fire Films website.

Until the next Photographic Adventure, thats all for now – Brett Robson: Freelance Photographer

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